Oh, Hello There

*Walks in with the slap of a screen door behind him*

*Awkwardly jingles keys in pocket*

Hello there. Well, hm. You see, I’m not very good at introductions. My name is John, and this is my blog.

*Cues intro music*

*Turns around and pulls over a chair*

Here sit down. Oh? Me?

*Imagines a chair into existence*

Well, whether you’re aware of this or not, I’m starting this blog for a class. I mean, I know that makes it sound like it’s a mandatory thing that I have to do, but honestly, I’ve wanted to do this for a while.

Hm? Why am blogging for a class?

The class’s focus is on Literary Citizenship, kind of a strange concept to people who think writers just sit around in their heads all day alone. The truth is, we writers need other writers just as much as any other community needs to support one another. This blog is what I hope to be the beginnings of my efforts to participate and support my peers. Tell you what…

*Rummages in pocket*

Here’s the link, you check us out for yourself. It’s actually pretty cool, and there’s a whole class of us doing this.

Sorry, I didn’t catch that, what’d you say?

*Leans forward*

Who am I?

Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you about myself. (Like I said, I’m terrible at introductions) My name is John Carter, and no, I’m not a Warlord of Mars—sorry if you’re disappointed. Instead I’m just a farm boy caught somewhere between academia and the cornfields.

I’m a senior creative writing major at Ball State University, and I hail from the small town of Gaston, Indiana. I grew up on a farm out in the country, and, as such, most of my writing centers on family, farm life, and Place.

Besides writing, I’m also a co-managing editor of a small nonfiction literary journal, Embodied Effigies, in (at this point in time) its second issue. I have a special love for nonfiction writing that’s as honest with itself as it is with its readers.

*Awkwardly clears throat before checking cell phone*

What’s that? Sorry, I was checking the time.

This all sounds kind of stilted and the format kind of cliché, like it was written by a highschooler that just got their first Livejournal account?

Hm. Well, firstly, this isn’t Livejournal; this is WordPress. Secondly, yeah, it probably sounds kind of stilted, and the writing probably isn’t on par for a senior creative writing major. But, like I said, I’m new at this, so bear with me? I’m still getting used to this kind of writing, and I’m working on a schedule so my posts are more structured, but until then, you might have to deal with this.

*Fiddles with phone before standing up*

I’m sorry, but I need to get going. Hey, you should come visit me sometime, though! Really, come again, and I’ll have something for you to read, something for you to think about, and something that makes you feel like you know the literary community a little better.


About jekcarter

Farmer/Writer/Editor/Advocate for the Imaginary
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