Call for Submissions!

What you, my few followers, may or may not know is while I’m a writer, I’m also a co-managing editor, along with the legendary Catherine Roberts (if you haven’t heard of her now, you will someday), of a small creative nonfiction literary magazine: Embodied Effigies.

Our goal is to publish nonfiction that shows Truth, no matter how it gets there. We look for material that experiments with Honesty and plays in the grey spaces between genres.

The first issue we put together was more of an anthology of nonfiction writers at Ball State than it was a magazine, but our second issue was much, much more ambitious.

Embodied Effigies, Spring 2012 Cover

Embodied Effigies, Spring 2012

Putting out advertisements on Duotrope and NewPages, we were amazed at the number of submissions we suddenly had coming in. What we ended up with for the second issue was a table of contents full of essays and poems that were the perfect combination of honest, meaningful, and just plain well-written.

Embodied Effigies, Fall/Winter 2012 Cover

Embodied Effigies, Fall/Winter 2012

It’s true, we don’t really have much in the way of financial compensation (we’re still just a small litmag), but rather, we intend to help emerging voices get over the initial hurdle of submission/acceptance/rejection phobia.

Now comes the part where I tell you that we are now open for submissions for our Spring 2013 issue. The submission period goes from February 1 to March 31.

So, nonfiction writers out there, feel free to submit! We’re looking for your stories!


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