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Yeah, That’s Not How You Do Literary Citizenship

Originally posted on Sarah Hollowell:
“I’m a professional writer of forty years! Can any of you stand up and say the same?” The microphone hijacker is drunk. His shouts crash out of the speakers and drown the awkward silence. A…

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Part 1, Packing

I’m trying something a little new with this post, which stemmed from some anxiety as I prepare to move from home to Lafayette. This post is kind of poem-like, and is intended to be read aloud and accompanied by a … Continue reading

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Summer and Writing, Writing and Summer

My semester is done. Graduation is done. School (for the foreseeable future) is done. So…what comes next? The biggest thing to tackle is just my writing habits in general, which–if I’m honest with myself–are about as bad as my eating habits. … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, and The Farm

If you’re looking for a book about farming that does nothing but sing praises of the beauty and simplicity of red barns and white farmhouses, then by all means, disregard this post. On the other hand, continue reading if you … Continue reading

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