Part 2, Unpacking, Getting Settled, & Exploring

In my last post, I explained how I was anxious about leaving home for the first time and living in a different city. Now that my fiancee and I are moved in and more settled, though, I’m looking at the brighter side of things.

Our apartment is wonderful. The kitchen and eating space are on one floor, and a spiral staircase leads to the bedroom/living space on a second. It’s not large by any means, but it feels safe and cozy (I like to call it our nest).

In just the first week of living in Lafayette I’ve begun to love the city. Unlike Muncie, Lafayette has a downtown filled with restaurants, bars, and plenty of shops to drift in and out of. (Just to highlight some of my current favorites: both The Black Sparrow and Chumley’s are great bars, and Java Roaster is a fantastic little coffee shop I’m looking forward to spending more time in.)

The winding streets and gorgeous architecture of the downtown keep reminding me how old the city is. Everything conveys a history that I want to learn, which is maybe the strangest feeling. After living my whole life in the Muncie area, there isn’t a whole lot that I was curious about. It was just home. But now that I’m in a new place–one that I’ve never lived in before–I want to explore not just the streets and stores, but the stories and past as well.

Living in a new city is odd, but definitely feels better than I thought it would. How about you, my dear followers? Have you ever gone to a new place with one expectation, only to discover you feel something completely different?


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6 Responses to Part 2, Unpacking, Getting Settled, & Exploring

  1. lindaktaylor says:

    I grew up and moved just about every four years. I always envied people who lived in one place and never moved. I thought it would be cool to have a place that would always be “home.” You have that, and yet you have the added joy of being able to move to a really cool and exciting new place. Whenever we moved to a new city, we always found all of the tourist stuff and then the non-tourist stuff. As a fairly new transplant here to Muncie from Chicago, I’m still exploring and learning. For me, Muncie is the new and exciting place . . . odd isn’t it? To answer your last question, I think when we moved here from the city we thought we’d find Stars Hollow (any “Gilmore Girls” fans out there?) and instead we found a lot of very dead small towns. What we found didn’t match our expectations, but that’s okay. We’re finding new good things. Best of luck to you! Enjoy your new home!

  2. Mo Smith says:

    It sounds like Lafayette has changed quite a bit since I last spent time there. I used to stay with a cousin there all the time, but then he moved to Gaston. (Small world, isn’t it? lol) I’m glad you’re already enjoying it and if you find that history, you should share it with us. Every town has one; Muncie used to be rather dazzling, but no one expects that when they look at it now.

    I think it’s exciting. I’m looking down the barrel of my last two years in this town, a timeline I’ve set for myself and I can’t wait to discover the places I end up. So while I can’t answer your question just yet, I hope to soon. Congratulations on your great escape.

    • jekcarter says:

      It really is a small world! I never thought of myself as much of a discoverer-type, but this whole experience has been much cooler and exciting than I initially thought it would be. I’ll try to research and blog about the history of Lafayette at some point.

  3. Lafayette (and West Lafayette) is a great place! Have you been to Greyhouse Coffee and Supply? They have unforgettable french press coffee. Another personal favorite is Vons Book store, across the street.

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