John Carter

John Carter is a 2013 graduate of Ball State University earning his B.A. in English as a Creative Writing Major/Professional Writing Minor. Native to the cornfields of East-Central Indiana, his passion lies in description and rhythm, striving to bring a love of family, farming, and Place to an accessible area through the use of lyrical writing. He completed his first chapbook of short essays, Native Tillage, in 2011, and has been published in Volumes One and Two (forthcoming) of the Ball State Writers’ Community chapbook series.

Besides writing, John is also the co-managing editor of the biannual creative nonfiction literary magazine, Embodied Effigies. Currently in its second issue, the magazine publishes nonfiction from all walks of life, striving to form a community around writing that creates Truth through any means, even genre borders must be bent or broken.

This blog is the beginning of what he hopes to be a more literary life.

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