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Libraries and New Books

Earlier today, an article on Salon was posted discussing Amazon shooting itself in the foot by putting brick and mortar bookstores–like Borders–out of business. The idea is that by shutting down the places people physically look at books, they lose … Continue reading

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An Update From Lafayette

Things have been steadily rolling along here in Lafayette, Indiana. My fiancee and I have been exploring the town more, and now have a new favorite bar: DT Kirby’s. While they have a decent alcohol selection, where the bar really … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Embodied Effigies:
Logistics and Correspondence Master Cat here with some news:   Whew! After much deliberation and very silent arguing (not really, we tend to agree on just about every piece we read. We’re like that sometimes.),…

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Libraries and Summer Reading

This week I started my new job as a circulation clerk at the local library here in Lafayette, Indiana. The work environment is great, my coworkers are cool, and the position pays well. But the best part of the job … Continue reading

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Part 2, Unpacking, Getting Settled, & Exploring

In my last post, I explained how I was anxious about leaving home for the first time and living in a different city. Now that my fiancee and I are moved in and more settled, though, I’m looking at the … Continue reading

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Yeah, That’s Not How You Do Literary Citizenship

Originally posted on Sarah Hollowell:
“I’m a professional writer of forty years! Can any of you stand up and say the same?” The microphone hijacker is drunk. His shouts crash out of the speakers and drown the awkward silence. A…

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Part 1, Packing

I’m trying something a little new with this post, which stemmed from some anxiety as I prepare to move from home to Lafayette. This post is kind of poem-like, and is intended to be read aloud and accompanied by a … Continue reading

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